It’s been over four decades since stems cells have been used for the first time in patients with cancers in an attempt to restore their blood cells and immune system after bone-marrow transplantation. Only recently, after the scientists recognized various types of stem cells, a completely new idea of using stem cells emerged. Nowadays, the focus of attention and activities of the scientific community is so-called regenerative medicine. The leading idea is to select and use patient’s or donor’s stem cells to stimulate repairing of damaged tissue and provide curative therapy for dozens of conditions. Target illnesses are vascular diseases, strokes, heart failure, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and peripheral vascular conditions. Of course, utilization of stem cells in cancer treatment stays number one purpose of cell therapy.


regenerative-medicine-insuranceWhen two powerful companies, both extremely competent, experienced and influential in different fields, unite their strength, it results in highly potential product. “Aldesorter” is the product result of the alliance of Aldagen, Inc. and Innovative Micro Technology. Aldagen, Inc. is the medical company specialized in developing therapy products for vascular and degenerative diseases. The company conducts clinical-stage trials based on regenerative medicine, and ALDESORT is their dominant product. IMT is the company specialized in developing various microelectromechanical systems, but it also features labs dealing with drug research, cell purification, production of micro fluids and biomedical implants.

“Aldesorter” emerged from the cooperation of these two companies. It is high-performance stem cell purification system designed to sort progenitor cell lines that will be used later in clinical trials as the therapy for many conditions. The system is characterized by high speed of sorting, amazing precision, sterility and the desktop size. It is convenient and easy to use for cell purification. The material comes from bone marrow, blood, cord blood and fat tissue and many patients, suffering primarily vascular and degenerative diseases, are hanging all their hopes to this product.

Great potential and promising future

Currently, three clinical trials are in the process. One clinical trial includes patients suffering various vascular diseases, including peripheral ischemia, heart failure, strokes and some forms of vasculitis. Other clinical trial consists of the patients with few types of malignant diseases, including pediatric patients. The third group refers to patients with neurodegenerative diseases, such as MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s disease and some forms of peripheral neuropathy. All of them are being treated with therapy products based on selected lines of stem cells sorted out by Aldesorter. Control groups include patients treated with the commonly used conservative approach. The results are promising so far, but the conclusion is yet to be revealed.

Future target group of patients

gd_1If the results in currently ongoing clinical trials turn out to be positive, “Alden” company announced another trial referring patients with orthopedic conditions. Various forms of fractures, degenerative diseases, osteitis and cartilage illnesses will be treated in the same manner, and the scientists hope to see these precisely sorted stem cells regenerate damaged tissue here too. If that trial meets high standards and criteria, many other groups of patients could easily get optimal treatment for their conditions that currently have quite the vague treatment.